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  Welcome to myWVmail

Need an email account, but tired of Yahoo and Hotmail?  Your email address should do more than advertise for a huge internet company... it should say something about YOU!

Perhaps you've lived in West Virginia all of your life, are a new resident, or you've had to relocate, but your heart is still in the Appalachian Mountains!  With, you can let everyone know your email comes addressed to the great, historic state of West Virginia!

Sign up today for your very own email account (i.e.  Bookmark this page so you can check your email or visit and click on the link for myWVmail.comHappy emailing!

Free Mail Features:

  • 6 Megs of Storage

  • Address Book

  • Receive and send attachments

  • Stationary -  choose your favorite background, fonts & colors

  • Check External Mail - Retrieve messages from other email accounts
  • Email Rules - Sort incoming mail into different folders and block email from unwanted addresses
  • Email Notification - Receive a notice at another email address when you have new mail

Mail Plus includes:

  • No more ads—no pop-unders, banners, skyscrapers or promotional taglines

  • IMAP4, POP3 and SMTP access that works with Outlook, Netscape, Eudora, etc.

  • 25 MB storage—enough space for attachments, photos, MP3s and more

  • SpamShield Lite filters out unsightly junk email

  • Help from an email expert for the entire duration of your membership

Your FREE account can be upgraded anytime to a full-featured Mail Plus account

Setup Error Issue: If you are unable to setup a new account - and being bumped back to the log-in page, it is because of an IE 6.0 issue. You will need to open Internet Options and set Privacy Cookie settings to Low - if only to setup the account. After your account is created, feel free to delete all cookies and reset to your higher security settings.  They will not be a problem when using your account on a daily basis.

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